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  • 2/5/2020 9:19 AM

Natural Stone Trends 2020

With the year in full swing, we can look back on past trends and determine what may be leading the market in 2020. There are many different industries involved when it comes to interior design, decorating and renovating, but where we believe the market will be making a splash is with natural stone. 

There are many different types of natural stone that can be used for design purposes. Ones you may recognize are granite, marble, slate and quartzite, but there are actually a few more than that. The list also includes limestone, soapstone onyx and travertine. 

You may be wondering why you would go with natural stone in your home or why it may be trending this year. Natural stone as countertops, flooring, fireplaces and much more comes with many benefits. Natural stone can be incredibly unique because no piece of stone is ever exactly the same. The designs can be incredibly beautiful and a wonderful centerpiece to your room. In addition, they are incredibly durable, easy to maintain, environmentally friendly and versatile. 

So, what should we be keeping your eye out for this year when it comes to natural stone and what’s popular? 

Floor-To-Ceiling Stone

The first trend that we are decidedly a big fan of is floor-to-ceiling stone. There are very few hard surfaces that cannot be made out of natural stone. This means that anything from your countertops, backsplash, table and island can be produced with natural stone. Incorporating natural stone fireplaces would also be a beautiful addition to the entire stone aesthetic. This type of look gives a very modern, sleek and minimalist look when done. Is floor-to-ceiling stone your style? 

Solid Vertical Surfaces

A big trend that is becoming increasingly more and more popular is the use of large feature walls with slabs of stone. This type of statement piece can be used in all different types of setting to make an impression and be a focal piece of the room. Places this might fit in would be living areas, entryways, bathrooms and offices. It has been compared to owning a large piece of artwork, but stone never goes out of style. Another, more subtle, way to incorporate a solid vertical surface of stone would be with natural stone fireplaces, using one slab from floor-to-ceiling. 

Industrial Design

While the farmhouse feel has held a steady place in interior design for the past few years, it appears that people are beginning to leave it behind. Many home builders are leaning toward a more industrial feel when building and renovating. Mostly being used in kitchens, full, natural stone walls are being implemented instead of the typical backsplash. This tends to result in a sleek, modern and chic feel for a kitchen and eliminates the need for tile or wallpaper to create a unique design. 

If you are redesigning your older home or even building a new one, you may be wondering how you can incorporate natural stone into your plans. Whether that is a stone backsplash, a statement solid vertical surface, floor-to-ceiling natural stone fireplaces or a super industrial feel throughout your space, your natural stone choices are sure to keep your home on trend, sleek and as unique as your needs.

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