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  • 5/25/2022 10:16 AM

Tips to kid-proof your countertops

Your kitchen countertops are a multi-functional surface for eating, cooking, cleaning, working, and for your kids, playing. From coloring, to drawing, to running around the kitchen island, your kitchen countertops are likely a source of entertainment for your children. And while kids are a blessing, let’s face it, they can be messy. Little ones can’t help but spill or stumble as they learn to navigate the world and your home. A little spill can seem harmless, but when left to sit, it can permanently stain your surface depending on the spilled substance and countertop material. Even worse, your countertop selection could be a child safety issue. 

Make it easier for your kids to play freely and safely in your kitchen without the risk of getting injured or causing permanent damage to your countertops. Our countertops Omaha experts recommend these tips to kid-proof your kitchen countertops:

1. Choose a durable material

The kid-friendliness of your countertops starts with the material. You should choose a stone that is highly durable, with an emphasis on stain resistance. Kids can be clumsy, and spilled fluids can seep into the pores of your counters and cause permanent staining. These pores can also harbor harmful bacteria that you could then be exposing your kids to. That being said, you should choose a naturally non-porous stone like quartz for hygiene and safety.

2. Seal it

If your heart is set on a stone countertop that isn’t non-porous, like granite or marble, you’re in luck. A sealant can be applied to porous materials to help prevent staining or damaging your countertops. Most sealants need to be reapplied annually, but it’s a small price to pay to maintain your countertops.

3. Go dark

In the event that your child spills a food or beverage or misses the paper while drawing on your countertops, it can easily go unnoticed and uncleaned. And while our countertops Omaha experts recommend quartz for its high resistance to stains, even quartz can stain if spills aren’t cleaned quickly enough - especially if the countertops are white. If you want to be extra safe, choose dark countertops to better hide stains if they do occur. 

4. No sharp edging

Once you’ve chosen your material and color, it’s time to pick an edge for your countertops. There are a variety of options to choose from, but for homes with kids, it is critical that you avoid any sharp edges. Did we mention that kids are clumsy? It’s easy for them to fall out of their chair or bump into things while playing. You can soften the blow with bullnose edged countertops as they are safe and free of sharp edges.

When you have small kids, accidents are bound to happen. It’s important that you consider the cleanliness and safety of your children as you choose countertops for your kitchen. Our countertops Omaha experts can help you kid-proof your kitchen countertops so that your little ones can eat, drink and play without fear of falls or spills. Contact us today!

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