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  • 7/10/2019 1:50 PM

Top tips for choosing the right bathroom tiles

When it comes to home renovations or additions, it can be overwhelming for homeowners to find the best natural stone tiles for their bathroom designs. There are hundreds of various types of tile in the market. They come in different colors, sizes, styles, and shapes which can cause people to feel overwhelmed when they are renovating their bathroom. 

However, it does not need to be an overwhelming process. The tips below can help a homeowner to quickly narrow down their tile options for their natural stone bathroom design!  

Create a budget 

The first step to take when choosing a bathroom tile is determining your budget. You need to be comfortable with your budget and understand what tile options are suitable for you. There are several different types of natural stone that is perfect for bathrooms in anyone’s budget:

  • Marble

  • Granite

  • Slate

  • Travertine

Marble is known to be a more expensive cut of stone while Granite is a more common and less expensive option in one’s natural stone bathroom. 

Consider the tile type

Now is the time for homeowners to think like an interior designer. One of the main aspects of interior design is focusing on emphasis. A natural stone shower, countertop, floating sink or flooring will be the emphasis in the room, or commonly known as the focal point. It’s important to draw in the eyes, but not overdo the focal point! 

A common place more homeowners are adding natural stone is to their showers. It has been stated that natural stone is slippery; however, this is not the case with all natural stone. For this purpose, Slate is the most common natural stone used. This is because the stone can easily be sealed and is slip-resistant. 

Granite is a great option because it can handle foot traffic and is resistant to common cleaning ingredients such as acid, ammonia and alcohol. This makes it easier for overall maintenance. 

Those are two examples of what homeowners should be thinking about when choosing a natural stone bathroom design. 

A beautiful stoned shower with designs or a beautiful Marble bathroom countertop can help to create a focal point. At GMS Werks, we’ve created floating natural stone shelving for bathrooms, floating sinks, medallion focal points on the flooring and shower and even more. These are focal points that bring emphasis to the natural stone. 

Choose the right color scheme 

Coming up with the right color theme may be challenging. But, once you’ve selected the best tile, it's easy to come up with a suitable design. Try picking at least three different colors. Since your central theme or focal point is your natural stone, place subtle colors around the centerpiece to focus attention on the stone. 

G.M.S. Wërks offers high-quality bathroom tiles for all types of use. Call us on (402) 451-3400 if you’d like to purchase the best bathroom tile for commercial and residential use.

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