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  • 5/10/2023 11:47 AM

TRENDING: Waterfall Countertops

Interior design trends come and go. But one trend that we’ve seen a big increase in recent years are waterfall countertops! Waterfall countertops have earned their name for having a continuous flow on both the left and right sides. In this specific edge style, the countertop drops down vertically with no start or endpoint, unlike traditional countertops. This trend is most commonly seen with kitchen islands, however, bathroom vanities are also a popular waterfall feature.

At GMS Werks, our team is dedicated to keeping you updated on all kitchen and bathroom design trends! Below, we go over the benefits waterfall countertops offer and things to consider when installing one in your kitchen or bathroom!

Benefits of a waterfall countertop


If you’re going for a contemporary and modern aesthetic, waterfall countertops could be the perfect feature for you. With that being said, waterfall countertops can look particularly out of place in homes with more rustic and bohemian decor. Waterfall countertops are most commonly manufactured using natural stone like marble and granite, however, they can be made from a number of other materials including quartz, soapstone, slate and travertine. 

When it comes to stunning natural stone, the more you can show it off, the better! That’s why the additional surface area of waterfall countertops is ideal to put your natural stone material on display and let it do the talking. Waterfall countertops are the perfect statement piece to add elegance and sophistication to any room, while hiding any chairs and appliances that can take away from your aesthetic!


Not only are waterfall countertops gorgeous, but they provide increased durability. This particular design limits the number of corners that you and other household members or guests can bump into which can cause damage to your countertops. Sharp corners can also pose a risk to children, making waterfall countertops a safer option, as well. 

Easy to clean and maintain

Unlike other edge styles, waterfall countertops have no extra grooves, seams or corners that dirt and bacteria can tend to build up in. This makes them overall easier to clean and maintain. Hygiene and cleanliness are yet another reason these countertops can be a safer option for your family or guests. 

Things to consider


Waterfall countertops can be particularly complicated to manufacture and install. It’s critical you do your research and choose a professional countertop company that is experienced in a variety of edge styles, including waterfall edges. Starting with precise measurement and ending with proper installation and maintenance, the right countertop company can deliver the best product for your space. 


Don’t fail to consider the cost of this luxury trend. Waterfall countertops are a high-end feature 

for good reason. This style requires more stone, and therefore more time and precision to manufacture and install. That being said, you can expect to spend more money on the product and labor of waterfall countertops, but given their many benefits, it will all pay off in the long run!

Want to get in on the waterfall countertop trend? This trend can add a stunning and modern touch to your home or business, whether it be in the kitchen, bathroom or any other space. However, choosing the right countertop company for the job is critical as waterfall countertops are a luxury feature that can be particularly complex to develop. 

Our experienced professionals can fabricate and install the perfect  natural stone countertop for you, no matter your desired edge style. Contact GMS Werks today!

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