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  • 3/3/2021 11:35 AM

Versatility of Natural Stone in Commercial Spaces

Architects, project managers, contractors and building management have a large range of materials to select from when choosing the flooring, bathroom tiling, and kitchen countertops. Time and time again, from small to large spaces, natural stone is an option that never goes out of style. 

For designers, commercial design spaces are a bit different from the design of residential spaces due to the large amount of space, those who inhabit the space and make sure the space functions for business, not just comfort. 

Natural stone can help commercial spaces reach their LEED status, a ‘wow’ factor, an elegance and a seamless design throughout the entire building. 

These are some of the best commercial spaces that can benefit from implementing natural stone into their design and remodel. 

Restaurants and bars 

The surfaces in bars and restaurants have to withstand acid, spillage, constant cleaning or a rogue knife, but that doesn’t mean natural stone can’t be added to these spaces. At GMS Werks, our contractors have years of experience installing polished stone countertops and tabletops in restaurants and bars around the Omaha Metropolitan area! From the M’s Pub, Pitch and wine bars, it is important for restaurant managers and general managers to not shy away from natural stone. 

As long as the polished stone countertops are properly sealed and maintained, it is a timeless addition that could bring the luxury you were searching for. 

Lobbies and waiting areas

One may think that areas with high volume foot traffic would be the last place to install natural stone; however, with most lobbies having the dual purpose of a waiting area for customers and potential clients, this can provide a beautiful design. 

The lobby can be one of the hardest working spaces in a commercial building because it provides the perfect balance between formality and comfort while operating as a multifunctional space. 


Our company always recommends natural stone flooring for residential spaces, but the same could be said for commercial as well. While carpet, laminate and other flooring options are most commonly used in commercial spaces, these flooring options will show wear and tear faster than natural stone. And over time, they could need more maintenance and cleaning than other types of flooring. 

Conference rooms

A conference room doesn’t need to be a forgotten part of the design elements. A great way to add natural stone in the conference room is with a classic tiled wall or continue the flooring from the lobby and waiting area into the conference room. Another awesome design element would be to have a conference room table created out of natural stone to provide that elegance in a brand new, unique way! 

At GMS Werks, we specialize in natural stone services for both commercial buildings and residential homes. To learn more about our polished stone countertops, or any of our services, visit our website today

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