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  • 1/8/2020 10:30 AM

What natural stone is the best for bathroom countertops?

One week into the new year and you may already have plans to renovate a bathroom, whether that be the master bath, guest bath or powder room. However, as you look at the many natural stone options you may start to wonder: which is the best stone for bathroom countertops?

While there are many options, some of the most popular choices for natural stone countertops include: granite, marble, soapstone, slate and travertine. As with everything, each stone has its own pros and cons that every homeowner needs to consider before purchasing.


Granite countertops are by far the most durable selection from natural stone and come in an array of colors with slight veining. Due to how it is formed beneath the earth’s crust, granite has a slight shine to it composed of quartz, mica and feldspar crystals. While it can be expensive, it is well worth it with its natural combination of durability, bacteria-resistant and scratch resistant properties. After being properly sealed, it becomes highly stain-resistant as well. It is no wonder granite is a popular choice for the best stone for bathroom countertops.


Marble instantly makes any space more luxurious, even a small powder room. Marble comes in an almost unlimited range of colors from white to black and everything else in between. Another one of marble’s unique features is the veining that happens within the stone. No two pieces will look exactly the same and while that does make matching pieces difficult, it is worth the hassle. However, be warned that since marble is one of the most porous stones, it stains quite easily. An easy way to fix this is to reseal the countertops regularly. 


Soapstone countertops come in a limited range of colors from white to gray and there is some slight veining in this stone. What this stone lacks in color options though, it more than makes up for it in maintenance. Soapstone is extremely dense, therefore, it is nearly impossible for liquids to seep through the stone and stain it. It is also highly heat-resistant, which is why it covers the tables in many chemistry classrooms. The only additional maintenance that this stone needs is for a coat of mineral oil to be applied occasionally. After the coat has been applied, the stone will darken, but should lighten back up within a couple of days.


It could be argued that slate is the best stone for bathroom countertops with its textured surface due to metamorphic formation. This causes the stone to have a more organic look than others and less refined. This stone comes in uniformed colors such as gray, black or green. To make up for its lack of elegance and color, slate is durable. It is not as durable as granite but it is easier to maintain than most natural stone.


Travertine is used frequently as bathroom countertops due to the luxurious and high-class vibe that it gives off, similar to marble. However, unlike marble, this stone is extremely absorbent and must be resealed more often. It is also imperative that any spills on this stone are wiped away immediately. Instead of a bright shine, this stone is usually grinded down to a matte finish. While at its purest, travertine is white, minerals can cause the stone to change into a variety of colors, such as red, yellow, gray and black.

After looking at all these natural stones, it becomes apparent that there is no best stone for bathroom countertops, each stone has its own benefits and drawbacks. The best decision any homeowner can make is to look at the options and decide for themselves based on their lifestyles. Cost, durability and luxury all need to be weighed against one another carefully.


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