• 5/10/2017 6:00 AM

From The Ground Up: Rebuilding M’s Pub

M's Pub is set to reopen in August of 2017 - and their iconic green marble bar is coming back... And guess where they found it?

  • 2/22/2017 8:46 AM

From Quarry to Countertop - “White Spiders” Part 2

The Tecchiaiolo use their flexibility, agility, and grace to quickly move across the face of the quarries: assessing dangers, removing impediments, and protecting the lives of those below them. This job is very demanding - both physically and mentally - as they dangle in the air and protect the lives of the quarrymen.

  • 2/15/2017 6:00 AM

From Quarry to Countertop - “White Spiders” Part 1

We’re often asked: “How do the workers in the quarries stay safe?” The answer lies with the brave climbers who work on the faces of the rock, chipping away unsafe portions and making sure the quarrymen working underneath them stay protected. These men are known as “The White Spiders,” “The Angels of Carrara,” or “Tecchiaiolo.”

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